Sauder Custom Fabrication fabricate Steel Pressure Vessels for the Oil, Power and Chemical Processing Industry to all of the U.S. and foreign Continents, ranging from 50,000lbs.to 400,000lbs.; up to 14’ in diameter and the length of two 250 ft.

Materials include Carbon Steel, Clad, 300 Series stainless steel, and Nickel Alloys ⅜” to 4 ½” thick.

Welding processes: SMAW, GMAW, TIG, SAW, FCAW

Non-Destructive Testing: X-ray, U.T.,M.T., P.T., Hydro, Pneumatic

Manufacturing Capabilities include ASME Code U, U-2, S, and R stamps

Description of Shop: The plant size including buildings, Shop Bass, and yard space is 27 Acres with 124000 square feet under roof.

The painting facilities are in an enclosed controlled-atmosphere on-site furnace is 13’-6” x 14’ x 72’  long, with range up to 1900 degrees Fahrenheit.

A mobile portal lift is used to move vessels and has the capacity of 375,000 lb.

Shipping methods available on a truck, Rail, and Barge / ship at Port of Catoosa